Sunday, August 30, 2009

What A Good Week!

What a good week this has been! Jason and Tracy came over and helped do some work that needed done, they helped build the sides on the new shed.. so it is almost done. We had three of the boys that work for my friend at Blosser Auction come over and they are getting some painting done for us. Will be back on Tuesday to finish the second coat on the house. It is awesome, using a verrry light gray with pink and turquoise accents.

Laura and Geoff are in the process of moving into their new home. They bought a house of their own. Don't envy the work, but it is so nice to have a brand new house to turn into a haven! Can't wait to see it, probably not till Spring though, since they are planning on coming home for Thanksgiving.

Lucas, Erin and her mom are headed to the Alaska State Fair to see the Beach Boys this evening. Hope they have a blast! Wish I could be there, the ASF is supposed to be totally awesome.

I did finish my 100+ Reading Challenge this month. Not that I will quit reading for the year.. but have at least met my goal of 100 books (titles can be viewed by clicking on the icon on the left}. Have finished a couple of good series books and started some new ones.. Don't understand anyone that doesn't read!! Last year, I had told Jason's ex-girlfriend that I had completed the challenge.. and she had made the statement that I must have read awfully thin books. Of course, she doesn't read.. nor did she do much for that matter. Guess that is why she is "ex".

Am still working on a pair of socks.. that has taken about 4 months to complete. They were almost finished the last time I ripped them out. Need to get these finished as I have a whole bunch of projects that I want to start-but won't till these are done!

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