Sunday, July 21, 2013

It Has Been Way Too Long...

Wow, over a year since I wrote a post!  How lazy is that?  I've got to quit spending so much time on Facebook and move back here!  Now where to begin...

Jason and Danielle were married in June of 2012.  Lucas and Sarah were married June of 2013.  Laura and Geoff are expecting the arrival of Summer Grace at any time..  Family has and continues to grow!  Bill and I are so blessed to have such a great family!

Now to projects...of course I continue to knit...most of the patterns have come from a Ravelry link or a Pinterest link....
A little hard to determine.. but this is a monkey dishcloth.

This is the first project for our soon to be granddaughter...
And the Gap Cowl which I made for Laura for Christmas.

I seem to have misplaced most of the pictures of the finished items.. including the F** You scarf.  Darn!  It is not going to happen again though... getting things together is my current life mantra!!

We did re-do our bathroom this winter.. and it needed pictures.  For such a small space it came out great!  My hubbie was awesome to tackle this...  We still need to put the sliding barn style door up.. so pics of that will come later.

Guess this is a start to my new mantra... and on that note.. Off to make a custard pie for dinner.  See you again soon!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Reading List

1.   The Casual Vacancy-J. K. Rowling
2.   Holiday Flirts-Lisa Scott
3.   Christmas Without Icing-Michelle Betham
4.   Diary of a Mall Santa-Stewart Scott
5.   Enchanted-Patti Berg
6.   The Trainer-Laura Antoniou
7.    Mistletoe Mischief-Stacey Joy Netzel
8.    Code Name Baby-Christina Skye
9.    Bubblin Brown Sugar-Cas Segers
10.  Welcome To Paradise-Carol Grace
11.  With Love; Now & Forever-RaeAnne Hadley
12.  Fifty Shades Alice In Wonderland-Melinda DuChamp
13.  Conalls Legacy-Kat Wells
14.  Crazy For Trying-Joni Rodgers
15.  Bluegrass State Of Mind-Kathleen Brooks
16.  Murder Half Baked-Kathleen Delaney
17.  Rock Stars Girl-JF Kristin
18.  California Caress-Rebecca Sinclair
19.  Bubblin Brown Sugar-
20.  Sing Me Home-Jerri Corgiat
21.  Remember This-Shae Buggs
22.  Kate's Kisses-Mary Manner
23.  The Reunion-Laura Antoniou
24.  1105 Yakima Street-Debbie Macomber
25.  Bad Boys In Black Tie-Lori Foster
26.  Blood And Roses-Sylvia Day
27.  Bloodline-James Rollings
28.  Born In A Small Town-Debbie Macomber
29.  Cinnamon Roll Murder-Joanne Fluke
30.  Fathers Day-Debbie Macomber
31.  Grounds To Kill-Wendy Roberts
32.  The Last Oracle-James Rollins
33.  Notorious Nineteen-Janet Evanovich
34.  The Perfume Collector-Kathleen Tessaro
35.  Texas Two Step-Debbie Macomber
36.  Wish List-Sylvia Day
37.  If Looks Could Kill-Heather Graham
38.  The Beach House-Georgia Bockoven
39.  A Cousins Prayer-Wanda E Brunstetter
40.  A Cousins Promise-Wanda e Brunstetter
41.  The Buffalos Creek Disaster-Gerald M Stern
43.  A Slice Of Murder-Chris Cavender
44.  Pack Up Your Troubles-Pam Weaver
45.  Inferno- Dan Brown
46.  sinfully Summer-Aimee Duffy
47.  If You Can't Stand The Heat-Robin Allen
48.  the Heist-Janet Evanovich
49.  A Widow's Hope-Mary Ellis
50.  Out Of The Frying Pan-Robin Allen
51.  Stick a fork In It-Robin Allen
52.  U Is For Undertow-Sue Grafton
53.  City Of Screams-James Rollins
54.  If Looks Could Kill-Heather Graham
55.  The Perfume Collector-Kathleen Tessaro
56.  Body Movers-Stephanie Bond
57.  Changing Habits-Debbie Macomber
58.  Don't Tempt Me-Sylvia Day
59.  A Passion For Him-Sylvia Day
60.  Texas Two Step-DebbieMacomber
61.  Born In A Small Town-DebbieMacomber
62.  1105 Yakima Street-Debbie Macomber
64.  Fathers Day-Debbie Macomber
65.  Grounds To Kill-Wendy Roberts
66.  Bad Boys In Black Ties-Lori Foster
67.  Bloodline-James Rollins
68.  Wish List-Sylvia Day
69.  Cinnamon Roll Murder-Joanne Fluke
70.  Blood And Roses-Sylvia Day