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Here We Go Again!!

Ok, I guess I will start this post just like the last ones.. It has been way too long!!  It just seems like life gets in the way of the things you want to do...  I can make promises that I'm not going to let my blog go..but, in reality, it will probably happen again.

Last June, we gained another daughter in law.  Sarah Thumm Bittenbender, welcome to our family. 

August 3, we were blessed to witness the arrival of our beautiful granddaughter - Summer Grace.  She is an amazing baby..not that I am biased, lol!  Summer is the happiest little girl..she is always smiling and laughing.

I didn't think that being a grandmother was going to be high on my priority list... but lo and behold, it was the most awesome thing in the world!!  Will catch up on some more current pics of Summer in my next post!

Bill and I have managed a few trips since that last post... we went on our annual Myrtle Beach trip.  Took a helicopter ride over the beach which was way cool... and watched the sunrise each morning.  I just love the beach and am glad that it is almost time to go again.

We saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra-which I thought I would hate and actually loved!  Rascal Flatts with Band Perry..Band Perry was awesome!  We took the boys and their wives to see Kid Rock.  If you know me, that goes without saying that it is always a highlight to see him :-)

Last winter was a bad one, with a multitude of sub-zero days and more snow than Parkersburg has had in a long time.  Unfortunately, we lost three of the feral cats.  Lucy the peahen made it through the winter only to have something get her in the spring.  I assume it was either a fox or coyote.

My newest addiction has been Pinterest.!  If you just happen to read this, come join me at user name Kbitten.  Managed to do a few projects that I have found on just for a few of the ones I have pics of today-

Ok, so time to go fix dinner.  I promise more later!!