Saturday, August 21, 2010

Projects I Want To Do

Have been finding so many projects that I want to do on the Internet, that I decided to start a list...right here... For God and everyone to see. Maybe that way, something will get done. Lists are wonderful things, aren't they? You might find something here also!

Knit And Crochet

Carnation Dish Cloth
Knit Alligator Toys
Rabbit Finger Puppets
Knitted Dish Scrubbie
Mitered Square Socks
Yarn Harlot's Socks For Men
Mini Knitted Bears
Swiffer Duster Cover
Bitsy Bear
Hogwarts Bookmark
Lovissa Armwarmers
Blended Socks
The Funky Pigs
Quaker Pattern Booties
Jean Greenhowes Novelty Eggs
Stitch Markers
Owl Hat
Chunky Bedsocks
Cupcake Pincushion
Swiffer Sock
Pineapple Tablerunner
Knitted Heart
In Thirds Knit Dishcloth
Tulip Stitch Dishcloth
Pillowcase Edgings
Alan Dart Chicken and Egg
Diagonal Eyelet Fingerless Gloves
Fruit Feet Socks
Knitted Kitty
Falling Water Lace Scarf
Comfort Dolls
Fairy Dishcloth
1942 Doily
Knitted Toy Lamb
Ziggy Lace Scarf
Kitchen Mat
Knitted Penguins
Garden Boy Dishcloth
Double Knit Slipper
Waves Of Leaves Shawl
Moose Dishcloth-Finished
Star Dishcloth - started - Finished 9/20/10
Patchwork Sock
Flip Flop Socks
Knit & Crochet Flowers
Sock Bookmark
Tashas Shawl
Baktus Scarf - started -finished 9/15/10
Tilt Sweater
Toe Up Bayerische
Page 18 Elephant
Little Lucious Pumpkin
Magic Stripe Hotpad
Hooded Scarf
Arched Shaped Socks - started
Miniature Sweaters
Blueberry Waffle Socks
Butterfly Doily
Heart Lace Dishcloth
Pineapple Doily
London Beanie
Mrs Hopper Easter Bunny
Miniature Knitting Bag
Rick Rack & Trim
Spiral Scrubbie
Felted Slippers Started
West Virginia Dishcloth
Jeep Dishcloth Started-Finished
Lacy Dragon Small Scale Washcloth
Not Your Ordinary Knitted Dishcloth
PomPom Peds
Kindle Pocket
Football Dishcloth
Pumpkin Dishcloth
Bowl And Doily
Mrs Miracle Scarf
Teeny Tiny Snowflakes
Little Lamb
Patchwork Socks
Pineapple Bookmark
Pomatomus Fingerless Gloves
Footie Socks
Piano Scarf
Heart Lace Dishcloth
Feathered Petals Doily

Sewn, Glass And Other Misc Patterns

Pouch Dolls
Mosaic Bowling Balls
Kitchen Appliance Covers
Feather & Fan Dishtowel
Maggies Mitt
Wintergreen Gloves
Flower Hot Plate Mat
Kaleidoscope Afghan
Miniature Pumpkins
Petite Dolls

I'm going to have to make this blog a work in progress.. as there are just sooo many projects!

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