Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just Stuff

Wow, is it ever going to cool down? Am so tired of the heat.. or is it the heat and old me cant handle it anymore?

Lucas has arrived at Ft Meade, MD and is looking for a new place to stay, Jason has gone to Morgantown to get settled and ready for school. It is most certainly going to be quiet around here. At least they aren't far away!

I spent the morning canning tomatoes. Tomorrow will dig out the onions and cut the cabbage and make cabbage rolls. The garden is almost done.. Thankfully these guys didn't find it-

This was taken from my kitchen window. There were actually 5 deer, 2 were fawns, 1 a buck. The fawns ran around our field playing till they were tired.. then the buck went to one and started washing it. That surprised me! Have discovered that it is these simple pleasures that amuse most of all these days!

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