Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Been A Very Long Time

It has been such a very long time since I wrote a post that I feel horribly guilty!! Wanted to wait until a great project (like socks) were finished-but am still working on last winter's pair. That creates more guilt doesn't it? Have learned the love of Facebook games.. and if you need another Farmville neighbor you can just ask, lol. Maybe that is why there are no blog posts.. or finished projects.

It has been a busy time. Bill and I went to Spokane for Laura's graduation. She now has her Master's in Social Work. We are so very proud of her.. she knows what she wants and works hard to get it!

Lucas, Bill and I went to Charlotte to The Richard Petty Driving Experience. The kids purchased this for Bill for his birthday.. and what an awesome gift it was. The morning of, we did a quick visit to Hendricks Motorsports. Glad that we did, they helpful young lady told us to go to the Speedway early and do the "ride-a-long" first. We all did-ride with an experienced driver at speed up to 165. Fortunately, I did not have a heart attack.. Made myself open my eyes just because you have to see what you paid for, lol.. and it was a blast!! Bill did great on the "drive-a-long".. but he is still waiting for his contract to come in the mail.

My wonderful absolutely positively awesome husband that isn't very computer savvy-managed to go online and buy tickets to Kid Rock in Burgettstown,PA (center stage, row 14) for our anniversary. My friends and family think I am Kid Rock obsessed.. well they are sort of right. I love the guys music, he is great performer... and I love the way he walks the walk-the things he does for the troops is beyond belief, his community, Bad Ass beer... and on and on. Should we all be as decent and compassionate as he is!! Ohhh, and just wait till you see what Bill got me for Christmas .

Lucas left the Air Force after 8 years. He got his undergrad degree and Master's in Environmental Management while in the military. It is nice to have him living closer to home!!

We all went back to Spokane in August. Laura and Geoff were married at Sweitzer Mountain Resort, ID. It was a gorgeous ceremony! It is awesome that they are happy.. Laura so deserves this! Bill and I just love Geoff (and his wonderful family) and look forward to spending a lot more time with them over the years. Laura and Geoff have a beautiful home... and they are just a perfect couple.

Alas, Jason and Danielle visited Memphis.. and Jason proposed. We will have another new addition to our family in June. She is truly a gem and we are thrilled to have her in our family!

Ahhh, and I can't forget.. I got a tattoo!! Had wanted one when I was much younger... and who says I am too old, lol!! Now, I have a few more picked out.. we'll have more on that later 8-)

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