Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2012 Reading Challenge

Woo Hoo!!! It's time to sign up for 2012 reading challenge. Again, it is being hosted by My Overstuffed Bookshelf but she has upped the ante a little bit... from 100 books to 150. Not a problem, I like to read... just have to remember to keep track of them!

January 2012

1. Set Sail For Murder-Carolyn Hart
2. Holy Terrors-Mary Daheim
3. O Little Town-Don Reid
4. Scottish Rite-Stephen Penner
5. Highland Sanctuary-Jennifer Hudson Taylor
6. The Trouble With Magic-Madelyn Alt

February 2012

7. Tara Road-Maeve Binchy
8. Gold In Trib 1-Douglas Anderson
9. Mystery In Trib 2-Douglas Anderson


10. One For The Money-Janet Evanovich
11. Two For The Dough-Janet Evanovich
12. Three To Get Deadly-Janet Evanovich
13. Volcano Watch-Toni Dwiggins
14. The Merlot Murders-Ellen Crosby
15. Capitol Offense-Mike Doogan
16. Skeleton Lake-Mike Doogan


17. Four To Score-Janet Evanovich
18. One Door Away From Heaven-Dean Koontz
19. An End-Paul Hughes
20. Blame It On Texas-Tori Scott
21. The Wings Of Merlin-T.A. Barron
22. High Five-Janet Evanovich
23. Hot Six-Janet Evanovich
24. Artic Quest-Chad Kister


25. Seven Up-Janet Evanovich
26. Hard Eight-Janet Evanovich
27. To The Nines-Janet Evanovich
28. Cupcake-Mariah Jones
29. Finders Keepers-Catherine Palmer
30. Dare to Die-Carolyn Hart

31. Ten Big Ones-Janet Evanovich
32. Eleven On Top-Janet Evanovich
33. Twelve Sharp-Janet Evanovich
34. Lean Mean Thirteen-Janet Evanovich
35. Fearless Fourteen-Janet Evanovich
36. Finger Lickin Fifteen-Janet Evanovich
37. Sizzling Sixteen-Janet Evanovich

38.  Small Town Girl-LaVyrle Spencer
39.  Secondhand Spirits-Juliet Blackwell
40.  Candy Apple Dead-Sammi Carter
41.  Through A Glass, Deadly-Sarah Atwell
42.  Smokin Seventeen-Janet Evanovich
43.  Explosive Eighteen-Janet Evanovich
44. Rising Phoenix-Kyle Mills
45. The Chocolate Bridal Bash-JoAnna Carl
46.  A Wizardry Abroad-Diane Duane
47.  One Bad Apple-Sheila Connoly
48.  Fire And Ice-Dana Stabenow
49.  Whiskey Rebellion-Lillian Hart
50.  Life Love And A Polar Bear Tattoo-Heather Wardell
51.  Fifty Shades of Grey-E L James
52.  Fifty Shades Darker-E L James
53.  Fifty Shades Freed-E L James
54.  Secrets & Lies-Tracy James Jones
55.  The Do-Over-Kathy Dunnehoff

56.  Sugarland-Joni Rodgers 
57.  South Beach Cinderella-Sharon Potts
58.   I Think I Love You-Stephanie Bond
59.  Bad Vibrations-Christina Pope

60.  No Easy Day-Mark Owen
61.  Whole Latte Life-Joanne DeMaio
62.  Forty Shades of Pearl-Arianne Richmonde
63.  Frugal Gourmet Ideas-Charmaine Gerber
64.  Patchwork Dreams-Laura Hilton
65.  Falling For You-Julie Ortolon
66.  For Love And Vengeance-Johnny Ray
67.  Reflected In You-Sylvia Day
68.  1225 Christmas Tree Lane-Debbie MaComber
69.  The Marketplace-Laura Antoniou
70.  Artic Exposure-Hazel Hunter
71.  Forever Christmas-Christine Lynxiolier
72.  The Slave-Laura Antonio
73.  Mine At Midnight-Jacquie D'Alessandro
74.  The Secret Christmas Ciphers-Carolyn Corey
75.  Patchwork Dreams-Laura Hilton
76.  Christmas In High Heels-Gemma Halliday
77.  Marilyns Christmas Surprise-Alyssa Lindsey
78.  All I Want For Christmas Is You-Lisa Mondello
79.  Quinns Christmas Wish-Lawna Mackie
80.  Secret Santa-Kathleen Brookes
81.  Jingle This-Stephanie Rowe
82.  Christmas Bells-Beverly Nault
83.  The Gift of Christmas Present-Melody Carlson
84.  Must Love Santa-Nena Bruhns

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