Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finished Stuff Yippee!

Have things that are done.. but aren't really done. Surely, you know what I mean?? Doesn't everyone have those projects that need just a little bit done to call them finished? I have other items that need that small finishing touch-but it seems I like to "start" things more! There are so many things to make and do, just not enough time..

Today's goal was to weave ends and felt. The felted slippers and socks are for Bill, the "coffee cozy" was just an experiment and the WV dishcloth is for a friend. Now to finish my socks. Am waiting on some yarn from KnitPicks that I ordered January 27Th (apparently they are very busy and it put shipping behind) as I want to make a couple scarves... and more socks!

A few weeks ago, there was a neat little thing on Facebook.. basically you added your name and a post to your profile. You had to create a handmade gift for whomever responded to your post (and you have a year to complete). A college friend was the first to respond on mine~T.L. is an avid WVU fan from Mullens, WV and we have been friends for a verrry long time.. he is the proud owner of the dishcloth. What do you make a guy?? My next project will be a keyhole scarf I think.. but more on that later.

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