Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 100+ Reading Challenge

I am thrilled that this challenge is going to be repeated this year. It is a new host, Amy at My Overstuffed Bookshelf. Thank you so very much Amy!! This will be my 4th year doing a 100+ challenge. Am really looking forward to this one-Amy has such a nice blog and this is a great way to find new authors...


1. A Taste Of Magic-Tracy Madison
2. Starvation Lake-Bryan Gruley
3. A Slow Walk To Hell-Patrick A Davis (good)
4. Grim Pickings-Jennifer Rowe
5. Revenge Of The Barbeque Queens-Lou Jane Temple
6. Die Trying-Lee Child
7. The Axman Cometh-John Farris
8. House Of Bones-Dale Bailey
9. The Face Of Deception-Iris Johansen


10. Kill The Messenger-Tami Hoag
11. Death By Rhubarb-Lou Jane Temple
12. A Time To Love-Barbara Cameron
13. Bond With Me-Anne Marsh
14. Bread On Arrival-Lou Jane Temple
15. Swan Song-Robert McCammon


16. Reading~Antiques Roadkill: A Trash n Treasures Mystery-Barbara Allan
17. The Cornbread Killer-Lou Jane Temple
18. Diary Of A Mad Bride-Laura Wolf
19. Heartbreaker-Julie Garwood
20. Into The Web-Thomas H Cook
21. The Same Sweet Girls-Cassandra King
22. Storming Heaven-Kyle Mills


23. The Sinai Secret-Gregg Loomis
24. Mortal Memory-Thomas H Cook
25. Reading~Prayer For The Dead-David Wiltse


26. SET-Carl East
27. The Crush-Carl East
28. The Mailman's Tale-Carl East
29. Private Games-Tawny Taylor
30. The Thirteenth Unicorn-W. D Newman
31. Heart of the Witch-Alicia Dean


32. Zachary Zombie & The Lost Boy-John H. Carroll
33. Dating Mr December-Phillipa Ashley
34. Belly Fat Blaster-Tony Donato
35. Surrender The Heart-MaryLu Tyndall
36. June Bug-Jess Lourey
37. Haint Misbehavin-Maureen Hardegree


38. Mind Cafe-Lizzy Ford
39. Her Best Catch-Lindi Peterson
40. The Amber Room-Steve Berry
41. My Haunted House-Angie Sage
42. The Sword In The Grotto-Angie Sage
43. The Big 5-Oh-Sandra D Bricker
44. A Dirty Job-Christopher Moore


45. House On Orchard Street-TM Moore
46. Dont Count The Stars-Jacob Helm
47. Exotic Indulgence-Jess Dee
48. The Lake-Tananarive Due
49. Lye In Wait-Cricket McRae
50. Hurricanes In Paradise-Denise Hildreth Jones


51. Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise-Joyce Magrin
52. A Time To Heal-Barbara Cameron
53. Hot Flash-Kathy Carmichael


54. Makeover For Murder-Cindy Vincent
55. The Ice Child-Elizabeth McGregor
56. The Manicurist-Phyllis Schieber
57. Zombies Eat Lawyers-Kevin Michael
58. Elvis and The Dearly Departed-Peggy Web
59. Just Another Day In Paradise-Katherine Tomlinson
60. Sweet Treats-Brunstetter Etchison Griffin Murray
61. They Voynich Enigma-Baz Cunningham*
62. Count Down-Iris Johansen


64. Chill Factor-Sanda Brown
65. A Thousand Bones-PJ Parrish
66. A Winter Haunting-Dan Simmons
67. The Search-Iris Johansen
68. Gold In Trib 1-Douglas Anderson


69. A Very Holly Christmas-Shiela Roberts
70. O Little Town-Don Reid
71. Hangmans Beautiful Daugher-Sharon McCrumb
72. The Second Summer of the Sisterhood-Ann Brashares
73. Female Intelligence-Jame Heller

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