Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Different Way To Spend Thanksgiving

This year we spent a rather non-traditional Thanksgiving! Lucas is stationed at Ft. Meade, MD.. so Bill, Jason and I packed up and went there. Wish Laura could have been with us!! Decided to spend Thursday being tourists.. and umm, what tourists we were! Couldnt find a Metro Station that was open near where Lucas lived so we drove to DC and parked the car near the Vietnam Memorial Wall. What a great place to start our tour and a reminder of some of things we have to be thankful for!

From there, we went to the Lincoln Memorial...

Then we walked.. and we walked.. across the Potomac to Arlington~

Fortunately, when we left Arlington we found a Metro Station that took us back across to the National Mall/Smithsonian area.

Here we also had our Thanksgiving Dinner.. a 7.95 hot dog and bag of chips. At that point, we all thought it was the best tasting dinner EVER!

National Air & Space Museum was next-

Next stop, the Smithsonian Castle-

By then, it was starting to get dark and time to head back to the car.

Getting back to car was the LONGEST walk I have ever taken. My feet have blisters, haha!

Friday was a quick trip to base before heading back home.

It was truly a great way to spend Thanksgiving. DC was busy, busier than I thought it would be.. everything was open. Wish there had been more time to see more things.

We also found a great way that Lucas and Jason can get jobs, stay close to us... and even closer to each other. Jason has another year of grad school and Lucas will be out of the Air Force next spring. Since they will both be job searching-they have good leads and could very well both end up living together.. at least in the same town and near enough that we can see them regularly!! Now, just to find a way to get Laura and Geoff here!

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