Monday, July 19, 2010

While Some People Are Having Fun..

Bill left the 7th to drive back from Anchorage with Lucas and Erin. It's a trip they have looked forward to since Luke was stationed in Alaska. As of today, they made it to Spokane WA where they had a short but nice visit with Laura and Geoff. Apparently, both guys seriously need a shave... and Bill needs a haircut!

At least they got a cooked meal and clothes washed!

Now for me, since I chose to stay home.. Ahh geez was that a mistake! First I did something to my knee so getting around is a chore. Then the hot water tank went out-thankfully after 3 days of cold showers, Jason was able to fix it. The lawn mower broke so everything has to be push mowed instead of using the riding mower. Lightening hit a tree.. it is much, much bigger than it appears in the picture.

Okay, I should be getting lots of "stuff" done, right? Wrong. It is so hot and humid that I don't want to do anything.. plus it hurts to walk. I know.. I know, I am whining. On the very positive side, Jason and I went to Morgantown and cleaned his new home. He bought a place to live while he is working on his Masters in Social Work.. and it is totally awesome. Am trying to convince him to let me decorate it, but not sure he has faith in that!

Knitting is soo very slow. Am still working on felted slippers, socks and a Backtus scarf.. need to speed up a bit!

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