Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Official!!

It is official-Bill and I are retired as of today!! Not sure whether to be excited or not, but I think I am! Still lots of things to do to close the business but it can pretty much be done as we feel like it-or at least as I feel like it. Bill is leaving Monday for Anchorage and will be driving back to WV with Lucas. Luke has to report to Ft Meade MD next month for his next duty station. That will certainly be culture shock!

One of the things that will keep me busy is our little garden. We haven't had a garden in FOREVER and decided to give it a go again. Not sure if you can tell in the picture-but yes, those are necklaces hanging from our make believe fence. The woodchuck and the deer were eating wayy too much and for now this is working. Jason describes this as our Hillbilly Garden. I think it is unique!

Next year, will expand it and put up a fence...

Have a gazillion books just waiting to be read... socks to knit-good stash of yarn that needs used AND thanks to working on those piles, I can get to my sewing machine now. The stained glass area needs cleaned up a bit but will save that for winter. Ahhh, guess this is exciting!

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