Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Projects Finished 2010

It is awesome for me to have two, yes two, finished projects already for the year. Yes, I procrastinate... I love to start projects but seem to get sidetracked before they are done. Plus, weaving ends is worse than scrubbing toilets!

First is a pair of fingerless mittens for Laura. The yarn is Firenza Brushed by Lana Moro and the pattern is New Moon Inspired Fingerless Mittens by Nancy Fry which is available on Ravelry. Hopefully they will keep Laura's hands warm with her fingers free to carry her coffee...

Next is a pair of socks-just a plain jane pattern using Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Camel Heather. Love having a few pairs of HEAVY socks to keep my feet warm. These were done on size 3.25 needles, starting with a cast on of 9, increasing to 50 stitches.

Am going to try realllly hard to NOT buy yarn till at least summer. Books and yarn are my most serious temptations. Well, there is also ice cream.. but that doesn't count does it?

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