Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Are You Tired Yet?

Are you tired of an out of touch government making decisions for you? Bet this is not the "change" that most people thought they were going to get last November! We are now stockholders in banks, owners of car companies... cap and trade will hurt our bottom line with increased energy costs... a health care reform that will add more taxes.. taxes on cigarettes, beer, pop, and heaven forbid Gatorade. What about state run television? Gun control? If you have not ever read our Constitution, now might be the time!

Yes, we are a capitalist country... I will be damned if I will spend my life working to support those that refuse to work!! It is time for a serious change in the way our city, state and federal governments are being run. It is time to let politicians know that the average person just cannot continue to sit back and watch our country be ruined. It does not matter if you are Democrat, Republican or Independent, it is time for true change! The only way for real change is to get rid of every incumbent at every level of government. Take a minute to visit New Hampshire 912 Project

If you vote for an incumbent.. YOU are the problem!

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