Monday, April 27, 2009

Warning! Goodfellas Transmissions

Although I don't usually post this type of thing.. I am more into knitting than cars-even though hubbie and I own an auto repair shop, thought that just maybe someone considering a transmission from Goodfellas will come across this and have second thoughts. I grew up in the "repair" business. In today's world there is enough competition that a business cannot remain viable for over 40 years without a good reputation, loyal customers and a good work ethic. Apparently our business has that or we would not still be there.

My son purchased a special built transmission from Goodfellas Transmission in Tarpon Springs, FL. Guess I will just let you read the message he posted to one of his forums... and hope you will have second thoughts if you are considering them for your next transmission!!

"Hey guys,

I know this is a semi-old post but i just thought i would share my experience with goodfellas transmission....

I ordered an "enforcer" for my 00 tahoe 4l60e. I installed the first tranny and it started slipping after a single day of driving. I called the owner, John, and had me tear it back out of the vehicle and he arranged shipping. John told me he would take care of the cost because of the short time the tranny was in the tahoe. Well, i received a bill in the mail a few days after the tranny was picked up from the my shop. I called John back and he said pretty much "tough luck". Well i didn't pay for the shipping. Instead i called the shipping company and had them forward the bill. I fought with John for a while about getting my money back. He kept saying "sorry thats not out policy"... i guess their policy is sending out junk trannys. After a couple weeks my tranny showed back up (really didn't want it) i still needed one so i called him and he said the band was burnt up. I said ok i guess things happen. I put it in and it started slipping 2 days after!!!! + torque convertor is junk. Now the (CHANGED-umm gentleman) won't even take my calls....

I took the tranny out and took to to a local shop. Here's what the guy told me so far...

band's burnt up and it was some kind of cheap band, not what they advertise, end play is wrong, it's NOT a corvette servo (spring is chopped instead), the valve body is screwed up, the clutch packs were burnt, there are some other parts that i'm not sure what they are that were damanged from not being installed right. torque convertor was crap (and a very cheap one) Pump had peices of metal in it. Pretty much a POS transmission.

Bottom line... I got screwed out of $1500 and wanted to make sure no one else would even think about buying one from them. My old tranny is being rebuilt locally.

I think his a scam artist and obviously dosen't know how to put together a transmission. In fact, he told me the tranny problems were my fault becasue he checked it in the "test car" I honestly don't think he ever opened it up. The bolts still had paint (no chips) on them when he sent the tranny back to me."

Buyer Beware!!!!


    Goodfellas transmissions
    Posted: 2009-05-04 by LearJet

    Junk product
    Complaint Rating: 100 % with 2 votes
    Company information:
    Goodfellas Transmissions
    Tarpon Springs, Florida
    United States

    Bought a supposedly bullet proof race transmission from them almost a year ago. Had nothing but problems from the beginning. It's about to come apartand I will be sueing them once I find out that they didn't put the performance parts they were supposed to in it. They are on ebay, don't buy anything from those crooks.

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    1 days ago by topcat 0 Votes
    I agree with this Guy. Do not buy a transmission from this guy if you want to save your hard earned money and many headaches. He no longer sells on EBAY in the USA so we went to EBAY Canada ( How pathetic is that? Now it seems like the Canadians will get a taste of this Greek reject.

    If any of you would like more information on my experience, email
    1 days ago by LearJet 0 Votes
    What did they do to you? I want to file a lawsuit against them, interested in joining me?

    Posted: 2009-05-28 by topcat

    Goodfellas Transmission Sucks
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    Company information:
    Goodfellas Transmission aka John T
    Tarpon Springs, Florida
    United States

    GoodFellas Transmission Sucks (Online)
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    Date: 2009-05-27, 9:11AM PDT

    I bought a transmission from Goodfellas, a Ford AODE, there is an AAMCO by my house, so they agreed to install it. The tranny arrived it was installed it didn't work AAMCO called Goodfellas and asked them if they look inside. What they found was a missing accumulator. The transmission was sent back to Goodfellas. Goodfellas then accused AAMCO of sabotaging the transmission. They sent the transmission back suppossedly repaired. It shifted terribly. I took it to what's considered one of the best shops in the Sacramento area. They looked at it and basically said they could do nothing because it would void the warranty. The transmission started not going into overdrive 3 weeks later. Goodfellas said that they would send a special can of transmission fluid that would fix any sticky valves. A month after the fluid was added, the transmission started to shift better. 3 months after that, the transmission failed. No forward gears. The transmission was sent back to Goodfellas. Approx. 2.5 months later, they sent the transmission back supposedly repaired. The transmission was installed, and still had no forward gears. And now Goodfellas won't even return my calls!

    I do not recommend Goodfellas Transmission online or brick and mortar!

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    Goodfellas Transmission Sucks Goodfellas Transmission Sucks

  3. Check these weblinks before you buy Goodfellas Transmissions:

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  4. Now Goodfellas is on Canadian EBAY. Poor Canadians, but they will soon learn...don't say we didn't warn you about John T. and!!!!

    Please post all over the net and blogs!

  5. Gerry,

    The facts in here are definitely not straight and let me just clear the air. First of all the transmission is rated for 500HP. The units were tested before leaving are shop. We have bent over backwards to get this problem resolved. One, AAMCO never had permission to go in our transmission and they did anyway which really should have voided your warranty, but I let it slide cause you were in need, and we go above and beyond for our customers. Beside the fact that if it was a missing Accumulator then they could have easily put it in for less then an R&R charge. So who did you disservice, plus Gerry the unit was tested so I know it had accumulator. Second, the next transmission sent out was tested. AAMCO received it put it in and after that they said it was a mush shift, and then you took it to another shop who fixed the problem. So with that said don't you think there might have been a problem with the install, and it could not have been to major of a problem because you said it was fixed in fifteen minutes. A non working transmission does not get fixed in 15-20 minutes. Plus we sent you out a non shutter fluid from DACCO at our expense which was for the converter. We never said anything about any other shops period. We just wanted to see what was going on with the transmission. We paid out of pocket for two shipping charges which in my warranty should have been covered by you , but again we went above and beyond. We got back your transmission and opened it up and it was completely smoked. That means abuse, but we looked past that. Third, we have a stellar record of satisfying customers not just in the united states, but all over the world! We are not a fly by night shop. So the one person you talked to is that only one. The one person that was dissatisfied tried the exact same thing and we were cleared. Don't you think if we were ripping people off then there would be an army of people because of how many transmissions we produce and ship out. Fourth, Why do you think Mad Dog Transmissions changed to Outlaw Transmissions, because of his unethical practices. Check him out at the BBB. Plus he left the state and moved to GA because he messed over so many people. So you should get your facts straight on this one. Fifth, I told you to get the transmission out and we would build you a new transmission, and video tape the test drive so you could see the unit work. Then we would have that transmission picked up, and we would ship out the new transmission. We have the emails proving we tried to get a hold of you and phone records if you want to go there. Sixth, We have dealt with harassment from you and your son, you have made racist comments, you attacked our religion, and you have tried to slander our name. We have those emails we will be forwarding to the BBB. Even after the fact that we tried to help you out numerous times with the issue. Seventh, we wanted the transmission back so we could see what was going wrong. I mean we tested it, and it worked in our shop and all of sudden it does not work. Any person or shop would want the unit back to see what is going on. Gerry like I said we don't have a lot of problems, and this has definitely been our biggest. We said after all the slander we would still work with you and fix your transmission. I don't know what else we can offer. We are not going to give in to harassment, slander, or any racist comments made. We will not be bullied, or scared, blackmailed or extorted by anyone or in any situation. We have bent over backwards for the last time. So here is the offer. We will fix the transmission, but you will go by the warranty and you will pay the shipping back and forth

  6. John
    Everything I stated are the exact facts and if anyone doesn’t believe me calll AAMCO Gold River , Ca and ATO in Rancho Cordova ,Ca ask them about the 1995 Ford Mustang GT Black , red and Silver and then tell me who the liar is. Everytime some one complains you call them liars BUT John why won’t you call the BBB back and deal with them don’t lie I have all their e-mails so call me a liar and we’ll see who the liar is. John you’re a all American guy or so you say Please explain to everyone Why a good ol American Guy like yourself is on EBAY Canada and not Ebay(America) is there a problem somewhere tell us John but you better tell the truth or I’ll post it and we’ll see who’s a liar. How about your ol Boss lets let everyone ask him His name is Lou and He can Be Reached at Outlaw transmission oh wait you said he’s a liar and cheat too. I’ve got the email and he will too who’s the liar JOHN. You call me as racist, blackmailer, and an extortionist I believe. But why don’t you show everyone even the BBB my racist email I believe I said something to the issue of I as an Italian must have been raised with more ethics than you as a Greek not all Greeks just….. well you know who…….. Who’s a liar John The lady who posted this originally Kim, her story is exactly the same is she a liar too Tell everyone ……….Who’s a liar John. If telling you, you owe me a working Enforcer Transmission, 575.00 for R&R ( Becuz of all you crap I have approx 1875.00 in R&R I’ve spend already is this the third or fourth anchor you’ve sent?) I can’t call them transmissions cuz they haven’t worked long enough. Lets call the BBB and see if they see it your way Come on John pickup that phone Who’s a liar John? John I’ve already figured you aren’t going to step up Your past history proves otherwise. Call any of these people who’s the liar John? All of facebook and myspace will know you by next week not a threat a promise stay tuned John and we’ll see who’s the liar Come on John call the BBB and . tell them I’m a racist, extortionist etc and yet everyone know what they say. This is your future I don’t care if it takes 6months or 6 years I will win I may not get what you owe me but well again you know Anyone wanting to know about GOODFELLAS Transmissions let me know. Call any of these people I’ll send phone numbers. Ifyou buy From Goodfellas I sincerely believe you will be unhappy Just my opinion
    Oh You say I slandered you WEL JOHN SUE ME, get a lawyer and sue me and we’ll see who the liar is, the longer you wait to sue me the sooner people will realize who the liar is SUE ME Please!.Either way I win Come on John do something call the BBB, call AAMCO(and post) call ATO and let everyone know who the liar is COME ON JOHN You’ve said I’m a liar, racist, extortionist and Blackmailer Hell Big Guy call l the FBI extortion or blackmail are federal crimes 20years I believe , call and lets see who the liar is Come on Big mouth show everyone WHO THE LIAR IS JOHN……………..IN MY OPINION ITS YOU BUT THAT’S ONLY MY OPINION
    As I’ve told you before you can’t screw me anymore I have nothing to lose but youi You have everything to lose so keep it up YOU”VE DONE EVERYTHING I”VE EXPECTED Come ON JOHN WHO”S THE LIAR. EVERYONES waiting to hear more of you storys

  7. I certainly do NOT mind that you gentlemen debate the issues concerning the quality of Goodfellas transmissions on my blog... but from this point on, any comment not signed and posted as anonymous will be deleted!!! That makes it easier for others seeking info on Goodfellas to go directly to the source.

    I did check the Florida BBB and John apparently (at that time) had a rating of B-. Of course any future complaints will certainly effect that rating.. and there is a good possibly more are to come. If you are reading this and considering purchasing a transmission, know that any legal issues will HAVE to be filed in Florida.. so if you arent willing to travel, you also may be out the cost of the transmission, shipping, labor, etc.

    Gerry, I appreciate your sending me copies of your emails with Goodfellas. I honestly did not see where you slandered the company or the man personally. Most certainly understand that you are pissed off, as is my son! And yes, Goodfellas no longer sells on eBay US, but is selling strictly via eBay.Ca. Mmmm, interesting!

    My son ended up taking his transmission to a local specialist also... after John refused to take his calls any longer. Although I am not sure of all of the details, I do know the transmission was junk. He had paid for a Corvette Servo, instead it had spring cut... the band was burnt, the parts were cheap. Not only have I requested that he also file a complaint with the BBB, I have asked him to read your (Gerry's) emails and John's response. I imagine you will hear from him at some point.

  8. be very careful of this kid Tsikouris & Goodfellas Transmissions. He knows nothing about transmissions, good business practices let alone business at all. He takes the money you give him in advance, spends every nite in the clubs claiming he's a "baller" then puts together a junk tranny w/ what's left. Do yourself a favor & go to AAMCO.

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  10. Piece of Crap..
    I bought a "built" 4l65 and tq converter from these fools in Nov 2009. 10,000 miles later (2 months ago, the trans goes out and i spend 2000$ again to have it rebuilt. My mechanic who builds NHRA spec transmissions over At Kern Transmission, Bakersfield, Ca (he has 20+ years in the business and is a member of ATRA)found that there was no shift kit, just a blocked accumulator for a "harder shift", crappy clutches, missing springs and other various broken or used parts and a shoddy tq converter that uncoiled. I have seen the parts he has replaced... too graphic to explain. Trans runs great now! The bottom line is this: Do Not Buy From This Company Unless You Like Wasting Money. Take head to everybody's negative advice.