Monday, January 26, 2009

January Doldrums

Okay, I haven't written a thing since the first of the month... and that is because.. I am boring! January is such a crappy month. Christmas season is over, it is cold, television re-runs stink! Whatever is there to do? Everyone is just waiting for spring.. and for the economy to get better.

What have I accomplished this month? Umm, let's see-I am on my 15th book for the Reading Challenge (see sidebar link). Finished the entrelac scarf, but it still needs the ends woven in and blocked or felted (can't make a decision on that!). Am working on a pair of socks with Noro and on Brooklyn Tweed scarf, also with Noro. I love Noro yarn. The sock yarn is "interesting". Yes, it twists, no, it is not that rough, the color is great, it had a jumbled up mess of knots that had to be undone, there are so many unspun sections that you have to use them.. but I really do like this yarn.

That are so many things that I want/need to do. Finish the entrelac scarf, weave in the ends on that other scarf in my pile that is so old I don't know when I started it, weave in the ends of the multitude of dishcloths that are done (I know Laura, I promised you some when??), finish the hats that are started, finish the multidirectional scarf I started 2-3 years ago. What about that sweater I bought the yarn for.. and socks, I need more socks.

Also need to make soap, get the tax stuff ready for the accountant, list somethings on ebay, decide on what to have for the Super Bowl (Go Steelers!), answer a few emails, clean my house.. and on and on. Oh will spring ever come and give me energy!!

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