Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tofutsies Tidal Wave Socks Complete

Was not sure if I would like the Tofutsies sock yarn, but it sort of grew on me. Used the Tidal Wave sock pattern in colorways 736 Underfeet with 2.25 Knit Picks circs. On the downside, not only does the pattern not show up well, but the yarn had several knots and is quite splitty. Since I have slightly larger feet, thought I would need 2 skeins, but one would have been more than adequate... which reminds me of another downside~Same dye lot from both skeins but slightly different colors. Ahh, well it won't happen again because I will know that one skein is all it will take. Will use this yarn again in the future, but will drop to 2.0 needle for a little tighter weave in the sock, though I was able to get 10SPI and 13RPI with 72 stitch increase. These were done toe up and I used the Modified Russian Bind Off, which is just tee totally awesome!!! Will definitely use it again!

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  1. I think they look good. I wasn't keen on my one pair of Tofutsies either but now they are among my favourites. The yarn certainly improves with wash and wear.